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Rebecca Joskey


Rebecca Joskey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She’s a baby boomer, educated in Oklahoma and New York. Her career of 40 yrs has focused on fashion, design, art, retailing, and merchandising in Baton Rouge, NYC, and Tulsa. She has 25 years under her belt as a mosaic artist and 10 years as a painter and collage artist.

Her “paper mosaics” and collages are made from techniques from both painting and the craft of mosaic art. This style of art combines underpaintings on canvas with applied painted papers to create rich tapestry-like abstract pieces. Joskey’s work is intuitive and loaded with playful content supported by sincere and bold colorwork. Acrylic, cardboard, tissue, oil pastel, gunpowder, tile, monoprint papers, and slate are the amount the materials that weave and unwind through the themes in her work.

Urban Art Lab Studios is a planned “encore career” project of Joskey’s that mixes her love for mentoring, business, art, design, and painting! Her work has been shown & sold at M A Doran Gallery, MOREcolor Gallery, Mayfest Gallery, TAC, 108 Contemporary, Living Arts, and of course at Urban Art Lab Studios’ Gallery which celebrates its 4YH anniversary  April 2018. Urban Furnishings is nested inside UAL.

She credits Looney Tunes, Camp Fire Girls, and having a “free-range” childhood for developing an artistic attitude and ability to observe.         

918 625 0777

Trying to stay a step ahead (after Tulsa)

Rebecca Joskey Trying to stay a step ahead (After Tulsa) 5 x 5 ft.

There's mercury in your veins

Rebecca Joskey There's Mercury in your veins 5 x 5 ft.

Pinwheel and Flower Pot Rebecca

Rebecca Joskey Pinwheel and Flower Pot 60 x 42

We know you knew

Rebecca Joskey We know you knew 42 x 48 in

Through the fence 5 x 5 ft $3000

Rebecca Joskey Through the fence 5 x 5 ft.

Fashion People

Rebecca Joskey Fashion People 30 x 42 in

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